ShareGot a sweet tooth? Want to sink your teeth into one of the largest candy stores in the world? Candylicious is the place to go!
 Located at the Dubai Mall, right across the largest indoor aquarium.11, 000 square feet dedicated to all that is sweet and delicious. The place is almost impossible to pass by without stepping in.
I was listening to the owner of the shop in a radio interview and she said in terms of size this might not be the biggest store in the world but it has more candies per square meter than anywhere else. They also have more variety than other candystores.

When you first step into this paradise, you will see dazzling colors at every nook and cranny. There’s a 10-meter-tall chocolate tree decorated with lollipop and the Candylicious aeroplane. . You find yourself walking under a canopy of branches heavily laden with all kinds of striped, colorful lollipops.

And if you’re a Hershey’s fan, then make sure you get yourself a trolley. All flavors of Hershey kisses, Hershey Reese’s, Hershey bars in all sizes and more are all in display ready for you to take your pick. All Hershey products are available there!

For the hardcore jelly bean fans,head to the jellybeans section to excite your taste buds. You’ll find various jellybeans in all kinds of different packaging. You can pick and choose the flavors you want from the numerous flavors available.

Love popcorn? Then head to Garret’s popcorn section where there a range of popcorn, caramelized with nuts to the cheesiest popcorn out there, revive the popcorn-a-holic in you!

The caramel flavour is very good. The buttery smell of the caramel is heavenly. The size of the popcorn is also real big.

I was initially unaware of the “No Photography” signs posted around but they stood little chance to all the eye candy surrounding me and I subconsciously found myself reaching for my camera.
I got politely told not to do it. I couldn’t help myself and clicked some more....
I could see a member of staff heading over to me. So I made a prompt exit clinging onto my gourmet popcorn !!!

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