Whole wheat Bow tie pasta(farfalle) -1small bowl
Green capsicum(bell pepper)-1
Red capsicum-1
Chilli flakes-1tsp
Finely cut ginger-1/2tsp
Finely cut garlic-1/2tsp
Finely cut tomatoes-1cup
Salt-to taste
Tomato sauce-1tbsp
Basil leaves-optional
Sesame seeds-optional

Half fill a large pan with cold water and add salt. Bring to the boil. Add the pasta; stir to make sure it is separated. Bring back to the boil and turn down the heat slightly so the water boils fairly vigorously. Partially cover and leave to cook for about 20 minutes until just soft. The whole wheat pastas take longer to cook. Make sure you keep checking on them frequently whilst cooking.
As soon as it is cooked, drain and then put it back into the hot pan to keep warm

While the pasta is cooking, peel and slice the onions and capsicums and set to one side.

Put a wok or a heavy pan on a high flame and add a table spoon of oil. Add the onions and capsicums and stir fry or sauté for 2 minutes and remove them on to a plate.
Add a tbsp of oil to the same wok and add the chili flakes,cut ginger& garlic and saute.
Now add the tomatoes,salt  and fry until well mashed.To this add the cubed paneer.
Now to this mixture add the whole wheat pasta and fry well.
Add the capsicum and onions now so that they remain crisp.

Variation:Shredded chicken may also be added to this dish.
Finally add  tomato sauce and organo.Garnish with basil leaves and sesame seeds.

and it is!

It goes really well with a fresh green salad, and, with a glass of something chilled.

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