Fridays have always been more of a family day for me. And when a family gets together, they eat together. After prayer, we headed to Afghan Khorasan Kabab for some physical food

We decided to share a starter –thick Chickpea & noodle soup.

How or what did we eat it with, you might wonder?.
Arabic bread! Thin and floury, it was a little like chapatti and great for scooping up the Foul.

To accompany the soup were essentially deep-fried patties of spiced chickpeas. With a soft and chewy interior, and a nice fragrance of the spices used, I enjoyed this snack. Dip it into the soup and their flavors complement each other
There are three different styles of rice and what you get depends on the day and availability. On that Friday, it was Bukhari rice. Those beautifully-long grains were sweet and nutty. A good companion to the grilled meats.

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